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Why you should buy locally


  • It is much simpler to get in touch with the company and solve any problems you come up against.


  • Regional warranty makes it easy to claim warranty in case your product has a manufacturing defect.

Quick deliveries

  • You don’t have to wait weeks for your product to be delivered from across the world or contact customs to have the goods cleared.

Protection against damaged goods

  • Buying products internationally might require you to have insurance. A lack of insurance can leave you stranded if your product is damaged or lost in transit.

Electronics are compatible with your electrical system

  • Some electronic products have voltages, frequencies, and plugs that are not compatible with your household. Using such incompatible devices can result in a fire and health hazard

Goods are certified by the authorities

  • When you purchase locally, the product is guaranteed to have been certified by the relevant local authorities, ensuring that your product is legal and follows all the necessary regulations.